Episode 3 – Freeway Ross Douthat Sailboat Dope

On our Easter/Purim Episode we’re joined by Brendan James aka @deep_beige, media reporter for International Business Times to discuss his Hanni-date with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a man who loves hitting the heavy bag, working on his core and his new 10pm slot. Then we have a reading from Ross Douthat’s 2005 book “Privilege: Harvard… Read More

Episode 2 – We Need to Talk About Kevin- aka Enta Tha Dungeon

In episode 2 of CHAPO TRAP HOUSE… -Matt, Felix and Will talk about the end of everything fun in the 2016 election and the likely advent of Hell on Earth. -Matt goes to a Trump rally outside Cincinnati. -The National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson tells poor white people to pull up their damn pants and… Read More

Episode 1 – Tha Saga Begins

In the inaugural episode of the Chapo Trap House Podcast, Felix Biederman (@ByYourLogic), Matt Christman (@Cushbomb), and Will Menaker (@willmenaker) discuss logical fallacies and take a sideways glance at a wacky week in US politics that saw Bernie win Michigan, Hillary support the Contras and Reagan’s AIDS policies, and Trump getting kicked out of Chicago…. Read More