Episode 7 – The Prince and the Egg: An Anil Dash Adventure

In a jam-packed episode 7, Matt, Felix and Will count down the top 40 most unbearable voices in the world and give the crown to Ben Shapiro, who is also confused by how public restrooms work. Then, the boyz break down the result of the NY State Primary and ponder whether the Sanders campaign offers… Read More

Episode 6 – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Development feat. @MattVBrady

In episode 6, Felix, Will, and Matt are joined by Matt “The Australian Plug” Brady (@MattVBrady) to call out snakes and haters like Steve Richter and DemocratMafia from the comment section of our Mediaite profile. (Our lawyers have been notified and we will sue all our haters into oblivion.) Then, we break down Zack Synder’s… Read More

Episode 5 – What’s So Civil About War, Anyway? feat. @Carlbeijer

In episode 5, Felix and Will go to the premiere of a television series, then Felix goes solo to a John Kasich event in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Then, we are joined by @CarlBeijer to game out the coming #tcot rebellion/Second Civil War and the possibility of the Rascal Scooter demographic waging a successful irregular war… Read More

Episode 4 – Bernie Blanco From The Bronx

On Episode 4 @willmenaker, @cushbomb and @ByYourLogic discuss: -Felix’s on the ground reporting of the harassment he witnessed at the Bernie Sanders rally in the Bronx. -How Scalia’s gorging saved public sector unionism in America -Donald Trump: The Abortion Punisher -Turkey’s President Erdogan and his street team turn the Brookings Institute into his Trap House… Read More