Episode 12 – Love That Ron feat. @VirgilTexas

Here Come Dat Ron! O shit waddup. In episode 12 we are joined by @VirgilTexas to take a look Behind the Diggler. We examine the unholy trinity that gave birth to America’s Most Accurate Political Pundit, Carl Diggler: Chris “The Fix” Cillizza, Mark Halperin, and the ultimate father of The Dig, Ron Fournier. We analyze… Read More

Episode 11 – Cranking the Donkey feat. Matt Taibbi

In episode 11, Felix finally gets a real microphone and we’re joined by Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi (@MTaibbi) to talk election stuff. Is the GOP dead? Or like ‘The Thing’ will it reform and spawn some new abomination? On the other side, why are Clinton supporters angrier now then they’ve ever been? Then, we break… Read More

Episode 10 – No FoPo, Fight the Blob feat. @dwdavison9318

In episode 10, we’re joined by Derek Davison (@dwdavison9318) who voxsplains to us what the Iran nuclear deal is and breaks down a juicy New York Times Magazine profile of White House literary savage Ben Rhodes and his war against the DC Foreign policy establishment aka “The Blob.” What is “The Blob”? What are its… Read More

Episode 9 – Trump Stakes or Election 2016: Age of Apocalypse

In episode 9, we check in on boy wonder Ben Shapiro, put the baseball crank meme to bed, and Milo gets mad. Then, we discuss the ultimate triumph of Trump over the weak failsons of the conservative right and game out the general election. Then two quick interviews with Ben Carson on Trump’s VP search… Read More

Episode 8 – Children of Bruen feat. @ebruenig

Baseball crank, Baseball crank, Baseball crank, Baseball crank, Baseball crank, Baseball crank, NYPD Dad, Baseball crank, Baseball crank, Baseball crank. In episode 8, Matt, Will and Felix are joined by Elizabeth Bruenig to talk #NerdProm, The Innovation Party, and what the deal with God is? Then in the Chapo Reading Series we peruse “Strip Club… Read More