Frost/Christman – Episode 2 – The Legend of Curly’s Gold

In this episode Amber and Matt go through some of their favorite movies and out themselves as Philistines. Camp! Action! Gremlins! Robotic Cops! The dark era of Quentin Tarantino rip-offs! Abandon all hope, cineastes!

Episode 36 – Dear Gulen feat. @Lfeatherz

This week, we have a long chat with Liza Featherstone, journalist, advice-columnist and editor of “False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Liza walks us through the Democrats tepid opposition to Trump and his band of Pepes, trickle-down feminism, and a finale feating a live advice call-in from readers of the Federalist and… Read More

Episode 34 – Masculinity For Boys

In this week’s adventure, we return to the Chapo Bends the World segment after a Trump adviser turns out to be a card carrying Pepe. Milo’s college scholarship ripoff provides another test for the Gorilla Mindset. And finally, a David French reading series and a dive into the Chapo Mail Bag. Become a Grey Wolf:… Read More

Frost/Christman – Episode 1 – All the President’s Men/The Parallax View

On the inaugural episode of Frost/Christman, Amber and Matt discuss a time in America when rampant paranoia and distrust in government and corporate institutions generated a wave of thrillers about the malevolence of the Powers that Be. With special attention paid to the Alan Pakula duology of ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN and THE PARALLAX VIEW,… Read More

Episode 32 – Suicide Is Shameless feat. @MattVBrady

In this suicode, the original Chapo Film Crew reunites with Matt V. Brady (@mattvbrady) and commits suicide over the sick, demented and flat-out twisted SuiCiDe sQuAd. The making of the film was Hollywood’s Vietnam; the plot of the film was written by a divorced PUA; and the characters in the film are bold racist stereotypes…. Read More