Episode 69 – Angela & Strawberry feat. James Adomian

We’re all hungover from ringing in Year Zero and rusty from vacation but returning guest\ James Adomian (@JAdomian) stops by to put us off on the right foot. We talk about our callout on the Michael Rapaport podcast, Dan Nainan’s Tesla show, Mike Cernovich’s new brain crystal products, and Josh Marshall accidentally tweeting lesbian porno… Read More

Episode 68 – Applebee’s Christmas Spectacular feat. Kath Barbadoro

In this magical Christmas episode Kath Barbadoro joins us again to talk about the Lynchian underbelly of New Hampshire, political economy, the embarrassing turn at Mother Jones, and the really just fantastic and affordable meals on offer at our favorite neighborhood bar & grill, Applebee’s. We finish off the year with a scintillating reading from… Read More

Episode 67 – The Swordfish Episode

Nick got a new huge TV and we were all hungover so we leave Swordfish (2001) on during the recording. We talk about Battlefield Earth, the inane Eric Garland tweetstorm, and the DSA. In the middle of the episode, Nick makes another cameo by hovering behind Will and eating a massive carrot and it makes… Read More

Episode 65 – No Future feat. Adam Curtis

We got to interview one of Will’s favorite filmmakers Adam Curtis about his new movie HyperNormalisation. We talk about Trump, the curse of bloodless liberalism, science fiction, Escape From New York, living in the Zone, and tough medicine for the left. Adam was extremely nice and is now Chapo UK correspondent. We also plug our… Read More

Episode 63 – SuccessFail: The McMegan Story feat. @TheShrillest

First we talk to Ezekiel Kweku of MTV about his diagnosis of the Democratic Party’s failure this year, how they can beat white nationalism next time around, and the Æon Flux animated series. Then the full Chapo team assembles to tackle the book “The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to… Read More