Episode 77 – No Country For Gorilla Men feat. Matt Taibbi

Our old pal and first mega-guest Matt Taibbi returns to the trap to talk about Week Zero of Trump’s reign, his new book about the past year of campaigning, and causes for hope now that the liberal dream is over.

Episode 75 – Mr. Chapo Goes To Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The full trap in effect, plus special guest Sam Kriss (@sam_kriss), all of us covering the inauguration of President Wario. Weak chinned neo-Nazi Richard Spencer got his head caved in, protesters burned a limo, Colby became an anarchist, irony was shot through the head, and the gang went to Red Lobster for… Read More

Episode 73 – Better Call Saul Alinsky feat. Bill Corbett

Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Bill Corbett stops by the mansion to join us in pummeling the life out of conservative entrepreneur and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s stupid and bizarre documentary “Hillary’s America.” The movie is obviously racist and creepy and hilarious and the only accurate costumes were KKK robes. It was an honor to do a… Read More

Episode 71 – Crapo Cat House: The Half-Lost Episode feat. Alex Nichols

Brendan’s computer crashed so we lost half of our first recording for this episode, but all the good parts were mostly salvaged, as well as a bad part where Amber’s cat takes a wicked shit that smelled horrible and we whine about having to deal with it. The second half was recorded the next day… Read More